Staley Road

An encounter with something strange in Staley Road was related to me by Shannon, a website reader. This is what happened to her:

About 30 years ago, four of us were riding down Staley Road with just our parking lights on, for spooky effect. Suddenly, the driver yelled and swerved. I was in the passenger seat and I saw what appeared to be someone lying in the road, looking back over his shoulder at us. The driver sped to the end of the road and stopped. He said, "Did you see what I saw?" I asked what he saw and he described the same exact thing I had seen. We turned around with the lights on, went back. Nothing there.

A few years later I was repeating this to other friends. They said there were rumors about a spot in the road that kept sinking. We went out there (in the daylight), and when I showed them the spot, you could see where the road had been repaired and was slightly sunken in.

It was the last time I ever went back there even though I lived just outside of New Carlisle for many more years. This is true; I was never so scared in my life.

But that's not all. There seem to be legends concerning ghostly presences which will pace your car, as well as mysterious voices and gunshots in the vicinity. Who knows what really happens on the rural stretches of Staley Road late at night?