Pymatuning Reservoir

A very old legend is still told about Pymatuning Reservoir, east of Andover. Before it was dammed and flooded it was the Pymatuning Swamp, an unlivable, nearly impenetrable bog. Somehow a galley ship managed to get lost, presumably from Lake Erie, and drifted south into the Pymatuning. The ship is described as being 60 feet long and 12 feet "at the beam," so it seems hard to believe that it could have made it very far into the swamp without getting stuck. They say the ship disappeared into the swamp, taking its entire crew with it, sometime "between 1760 and 1835."

To this day, the ship is sometimes sighted on the waters of the reservoir. On foggy nights its shape can be made out, while strange lights are glimpsed on the water.



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