Perrysville Haunted House

The western Ashland County burg of Perrysville contains an abandoned house in which no one has been able to live for much time at a stretch. The couple who lived here not long ago consisted of a young woman and her crazy jealous boyfriend. One evening the girl went to a bar with some friends, and the boyfriend followed her so he could keep tabs on her activities. He watched her have a friendly conversation with a group of people, including some guys. When she arrived back home her boyfriend dragged her inside and beat her savagely, finally killing her. He was arrested, tried, sentenced, and now sits in prison.

Ever since, the house has been haunted by the young woman's ghost, who appears at the window and makes groaning sounds. A couple who bought the house and started to renovate it abandoned the project halfway through and fled. No one has lived there since.

To reach the house, enter Perrysville from the south on Route 39, turn left at the first stoplight, and follow the road across a small bridge. When you come to a dead-end area with houses you'll see the abandoned one on the left.