The Greely Chapel Bridge

One of Ohio’s innumerable haunted bridges is located on Greely Chapel Road near Lima. Oddly enough this bridge’s legend deals with not crying babies but murdered teenagers--a carload of whom were supposedly found scattered along the road close to the bridge. They were killed by someone or something when their car stalled at this mysterious spot. The driver’s body, according to legend, was hung over the stop sign, and ever since the stop sign itself has bled, despite attempts to replace it.

Some people in Lima also refer to this as a crybaby bridge, or as a place where you might encounter "Bloody Mary."

Mindy, a Lima teenager, describes her experience at the Greely Chapel Bridge this way:

"A few weeks ago, myself and three friends went out to the bridge. It was about 9:30PM. As we drove down the road there was a cop in front of us, and as we got over the bridge we decided to turn around and go back over the bridge the way we came. We approached the stop sign and the police car turned right (you can only go left or right). For the cop to make it back to the bridge it would take a while because there’s nowhere to turn, and besides, we would have seen him. So we did a U-turn and slowed down on the bridge, did another U-turn and went back over it again, and did another one again to face the way we came. "This time we stopped. Everyone was freaked out about it, but I had been there before and I wasnt too scared, so I had my friend roll down his window and I started screaming, 'Hey Mary, wanna come out and play? We wanna see your crying baby!' They got freaked but I just laughed and we started to drive off. I wanted to give them a real scare so I said, 'Guys, I see someone on the bridge!' They all turned around to look and I just laughed at them. Just then a car flipped on its lights and pulled out from the bridge. So my friend speeds off doing about 80. We blow through a stop sign and do a sharp turn, almost flipping the car. As the car gained on us I realized it was a police car--the one that was in front of us just five minutes before. "After a half hour of being followed through the country, we turned back onto Greely Chapel. When we approached the spot where he started following us, he pulled us over. "The cop came to the door and just asked for registration and stuff; he said there were 'problems on the bridge lately.' Then out of nowhere a second cop car appeared. They eventually let us go. "What was really weird was the fact that the cop car was hunter green, and said POLICE on it. Lima DOES NOT have green police cars. Nor do surrounding patrollers. We have since tried to re-enact our night, but it still dosent add up."

Park rangers? An optical illusion, maybe? All part of the mystery.