The Wickerham Inn

Thought to be the oldest brick building in Adams County, the Wickerham Inn was built in 1801 by Peter Wickerham, a former Revolutionary War soldier. It housed travellers on Zane's Trace, which ran through his area near West Union.

The story goes that one evening a coach driver stopped and checked in for the night. Word got around that he was carrying a large sum of money. That night the sounds of a terrible struggle came from his room; in the morning he was missing, and his room was a gory mess. His bedclothes were burned and the floor scrubbed, but at least one of the stains never came out of the wood.

After that a headless ghost was seen throughout the inn. In 1922 the building was renovated. When workmen pried up the cellar floorboards they discovered a human skeleton--whole except for the head. To this day the ghost of the nameless traveller lingers at the inn, searching for his lost head.