Stoney Creek

The ghost of a man who was discovered decapitated is supposed to writhe on the ground beneath an oak tree near Stoney Creek. Legend has it that the man's head was not merely severed but was actually wrenched off, by someone or something with incredible strength. He was probably waiting in the tiny churchyard where the oak grew; he was buried beneath the tree, and his headless body writhes and moans there on certain moonlit nights.

It's a scary story, but the wall I've run into in researching it is that there apparently is no Stoney Creek in Adams County. I've checked every resource I can think of, but there doesn't seem to be a creek with that name. There's a Stony Creek in Logan County, but that's not close enough to be the same thing. Maybe one of the watercourses went through a name change at some point. If you do happen to see the unfortunate headless ghost, please let me know where to look for him.



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