Taken from various sources, including other websites, books, clubs, and groups dedicated to preserving the history of the lost amusement park on the shore of Chippewa Lake. This page will hopefully expand dramatically as time goes by, so if you have anything that fits, I'd be grateful to receive it.

Aerial view of park Chippewa Lake Hotel, viewed from land

Postcard showing park entrance Building at park entrance

A busy midway view Games and shops near the lakefront

Chippewa Lake's grand ballroom Inside the ballroom

The ballroom, crowded with people for a dance Ballroom interior in its "Dance Hall" days

A souvenir booth, 1930s The Burger Factory, 1950s

The Tumblebug The Caterpillar

The Big Dipper, getting on/getting off Boat Landing and Sunset Dining Room

"A glimpse of peace": The boat dock on Chippewa Lake Miss Chippewa carrying passengers

"Bathing Beach," postcard view, 1926 "Beach & Pier, Chippewa Lake, O."

Bath House, seen across the lake "Picnic Pavilion and Pier" Postcard, 1926

"Come to Chippewa Lake Park": Advertising brochure Original all-day ride ticket

The Cleveland Press: April 9, 1969

This article ran in the April 9, 1969 edition of The Cleveland Press, right before the kickoff of the 91st season. It features an interview with longtime owner Parker Beach and a frank discussion about some of the financial problems besetting the park in its final years. Chippewa is described as "one of the five oldest big parks in the country." The article, whose headline begins "Chippewa Lake Park Shapes...", was accompanied by several photographs--mainly of preparations for the summer of 1969. Click on a page to view it full-size.