Blind School Basement
Blind School Basement

Another amazing part of the Blind School is the basement, which really makes you realize the size of the building. It's made up of walkways like canals between cement and rock embankments, with pipes overhead. The walkways turn and split everywhere, sometimes dead-ending, sometimes circling back. There are staircases at either end of this building.

There are also doors at the ends of the basement, leading out to sunken staircases. The side buildings seem like they're still being used, since we saw lights on inside. Also, they were locked up very securely.

A really incredible building. At that time they were demolishing parts of it and working on it every day. It wasn't hard to get into.

UPDATE: As of December 2001, the Columbus School for the Blind building is being used as the headquarters of the Ohio Department of Health. I stopped by to pick up a new copy of my birth certificate, which required us to park in the rear/central lot and go in through a rear door.

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