Inside the Columbus School for the Blind
Inside the Blind School

Inside the front door of the Blind School is the main staircase, a wide, old-fashioned one which splits and doubles back to the second floor. The first two floors are the ones which the State Highway Patrol used, and they are full of junk: old paper, books, lockers, pieces of wood, office implements. We found a 1997 logbook with an excruciatingly boring day by day breakdown of the building's activities: open up, let people in, lock up.

There are also some very nice wood-paneled offices in the front of the building which look like you could move right into them. At the back of the first floor is a huge room with junk piled in the middle--we surmised that this was the locker room at one time, since we found lots of lockers and shelving units marked with pants and shirt sizes. Rookie even found a speed-loader for a .357 in one of these shelves.

The back of the building had been demolished, and the room directly behind the old locker room was completely caved in. We found a way around this and went up to a weird room with lots of windows which must have had some purpose we couldn't figure out.

The upper floors were largely untouched. We walked down long dusty hallways, through arches, and climbed worn staircases all over the building, which is way too big to explore quickly.

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